Pro's Monthly Tip

Golf can be a hard and frustrating game at times so why not try our monthly tip from Head PGA Paul Logan or look at booking in one of our Group coaching sessions.

Pro's Monthly Tip

You lost your sense of direction.

Alignment to your target is probably the most overlooked aspect of the game. It’s a skill, as much as swinging the club well, or chipping well is a skill. Unfortunately it is often neglected, especially if you haven’t played for a while, or have been practicing on a range where you just line up with the edge of the mat.

Any time someone tells me they are hitting it well in practice or on the range, but not on the course, the first thing I’ll do is check their alignment. Nine times out of ten it’s way off. If your alignment is wrong, your swing feels different as you start altering your swing to compensate for the target not being where your body is pointing.

Group Coaching Dates

- Adult Group coaching 6 week course £45
- Next Start Date Monday 8th January 6-7pm

- Junior Group Coaching 6 week course running every other week for 12 weeks £40
- Next Start Date Saturday 24th February 2018

Booking is a must for all our group coaching with payment being taken on booking to secure your place, for bookings please call 01522 686340.

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